Something really cool has been happening lately and that nearly all the ideas for the new music I am working on come while I am dreaming. Last night I was watching a movie “The  Heavy” and a bass line idea came into my head. I have learned that when an idea hits I need to record it instantly or I will forget it. That is why I always keep the gear in my recording studio turned on. So, when in and recorded the bass line and started composing a new song. As is usual, I got the first section done and had no idea what to do next with the song. So, I went to bed. About 3 hours later I woke up from a dream with the melody and chord progression for the next section of the song. I love it when this happens.

So, if you are wondering how I write my music, I don’t so much write it as it just pops into my head out of no-where and I record what I hear.